That moment in time when you write something then 5minutes later you just want to take back ever word, posts deleted!, im glad your happy and thats not in a sarcastic way i genuinly am. Im glad you found someone worth not fucking up for and i genuinly hope things go well for how you guys are right now! you dont have to ask why im being this way and no its not because ive been drinking, its just time things came to a happy ending. You may never understand and you may thing just fuck off but you were my first true love and i will never forget you no matter how much i dont want to be around you. just understand that i wish you all the best and if you have grown up and realised what this world hold for us all then say hi thats all it takes! you know where i live. 

for everyone else this is my final post never going to be coming back so feel free to unfollow and i wish you all the best in life!

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"Just happen to walk your dog past my flat looking up through my windows, fucking pathetic stay the fuck away if your not going to talk to me"

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